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The Haydenfilms Institute Proudly Presents New Website

The Haydenfilms Institute Proudly Presents New Website

By Michael Katz
HFI Correspondent

LEHIGH VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA, April 13, 2012—The Haydenfilms Institute, a non-profit organization seeking to empower, educate, and fund global, independent, and student filmmakers, is launching its new website. The site utilizes exciting features that benefit the HFI user base and community. With more than three new sections, the site additions were made to match the recent growth of the Haydenfilms Institute. This growth stems from HFI’s new offices located at TEK Park in Breinigsville, Pa. and the creation of the Professional Writing Internship Program.

“With the growth of our organization and foundation, we feel that our sponsors and benefactors will have a better way of interacting with us through the site’s new features,” said Executive Director and Founder, Hayden Craddolph.

The first of these interactive sections is “The Slate”, which represents a whole new category that has been added to the website. This category encompasses the “Ad-Lib,” “Reviews,” and “Features,” sections. Each of these sections brings a fresh feel to the site. Interactivity on each of these pages is achieved through commenting and email subscription systems.

The new “Ad-Lib” section is HFI’s take on a blog. “’Ad-Lib’ will be a showcase of high-quality story tidbits found by our staff, that include filmmaking tips, latest technology news, and emerging filmmaker clips, that would interest the filmmaking community,” Craddolph said.

The most important addition to the website, the “Fiscal Sponsorship” page, enables HFI to help fund a myriad of noncommercial films or projects. HFI will act as the tax-exempt, nonprofit umbrella organization, accepting and managing any funds donated to the film or project. HFI will not act as producer, fundraiser, or attempt to stifle creativity in any way, nor does HFI assume copyrights to the material. In addition, HFI provides fundraiser and financial advice to our recipients.

“The fiscal sponsorship program will offer filmmakers an alternative to financing their projects. Through this new addition to our organization, we intend to attract global projects. These projects will create jobs and stimulate the economic development of local communities,” Craddolph said.

Featuring these new sections, the improved Haydenfilms Institute site will directly benefit its users. While “The Slate” and its sub-categories benefit our online users, the “Fiscal Sponsorship” feature will benefit filmmakers both on and offline.

Established in 2010, the Haydenfilms Institute (HFI) is a 501(c)(k) nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of independent filmmakers of all ages. HFI has offices in Los Angeles and Lehigh Valley, Pa. The institution provides educational opportunities that include labs, workshops, internships and networking events. Haydenfilms LLC, established in 2001, is an arm of the institute that allows filmmakers to showcase their work through its Online Film Festival. Both HFI and Haydenfilms were established by President and Founder Hayden Craddolph, who envisioned a way for filmmakers worldwide to connect. Haydenfilms offers crew production and resource databases and the chance for members to view each other’s films. Using this multi-tiered approach, it is the mission of HFI to empower, educate and fund global independent and student filmmakers.