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Without your continued support, HFI would not be possible. Whether it is through volunteering, donation, or corporate sponsorship for special events and programs, you can help HFI achieve its goal of empowering, educating and funding student and independent filmmakers.


Executive Board

Hayden Craddolph

Executive Director/Founder

As Executive Director and Founder of Haydenfilms LLC and Haydenfilms Institute, Hayden Craddolph has always been an avid film lover. A native of Philadelphia, Craddolph was born into a multi-layered family consisting of military veterans, educators, athletes, and film aficionados. Despite constant travel in his childhood due to his father’s military career, Craddolph considers himself to be a lifelong denizen of the Lehigh Valley, PA.

After graduating from Kutztown University with a degree in Business Administration and Finance, Craddolph found himself working as a broker on Wall Street rather than a film producer in Hollywood. However, upon returning to Kutztown to pursue his Master’s Degree, he was encouraged to consider the Electronic Media program. Curious and excited, he took up the challenge.

While crafting his thesis project, Craddolph envisioned an interactive, virtual film festival and a universally accessible forum where filmmakers from across the globe could showcase their films and vote on a winner. This idea translated into Haydenfilms LLC, which launched the first Haydenfilms Online Film Festival in 2004 with an annual $10,000 grand prize.

In 2008, Craddolph transformed Haydenfilms LLC into the nonprofit Haydenfilms Institute (HFI), with a mission to empower, educate, and fund global independent and student filmmakers. HFI synergizes with students from notable universities such as NYU, USC, UCLA, Penn State University, Lehigh University, Muhlenberg College, and Kutztown University (the academic roots of HFI).

Drawing from one of his most significant influences, George Lucas, Craddolph believes filmmakers have a tremendous responsibility for the message communicated in their works. HFI helps enable beginning and veteran filmmakers alike in sharing their stories globally by providing a platform available to all filmmakers not controlled by commercial projects only, but innovative ones as well.

Cornell Ricketts

Board Secretary

As an entrepreneur, Cornell Ricketts has always been known for his work ethic, love for helping people, and strong leadership skills. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Cornell was born into a hard-working family of entrepreneurs and teachers, which led him to a career in the US Air Force after migrating to the U.S. 

After migrating to the United States at the age of 18, Cornell graduated from high school and diligently served his newfound nation's military by enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. There he diligently spent 13 years defending his nation's freedom. It was in these 13 years that Cornell earned degrees in Air Transportation and Aerospace Engineering. He also performed professional specialties such as aircraft mechanic and Human Resources recruiter. He quickly rose through the ranks and made it to Technical Sergeant before separating.  

Upon returning to civilian life, Cornell entered the workforce armed with his military-honed expertise and personal drive. He earned a degree in Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, then worked in the automotive industry for several years. He is expanding his entrepreneurship by working towards developing his own delivery and logistics company.  

In his spare time, he enjoys working out, and competes as a bodybuilder in the men’s physique category. Cornell has been competing for over four years and has been successful in each competition, placing 1st through 3rd in his class. Cornell also is a personal trainer and trains his clients on his off days because of the passion he has for healthy living and a fit life.  

Michael D. Attardi, Sr.

Board Member

Award-winning Director, Screenwriter, and Lyricist, Michael D. Attardi, Sr. was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, where he excelled on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. Michael was accepted as a gifted student to the Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey where he won the Philip Turner creative award in music. Composing Big Band/Swing music at the age of 17, he completed 18 Big-Band arrangements, which were orchestrated at Monmouth University in 1985.

Michael was fascinated with the animated works of Walt Disney. Since 1997, he has worked with former Disney animators while taking courses at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. Michael wrote his first musical animation in 1999. This inspiration guided him to write several musical screenplays and soundtracks.

Michael has won three Perri Awards, The Annecy Film Festival, The Telly Awards, and the Slamdance Film Festival for the best original musical soundtrack in 2005 for his musical “Twin Treasures.” He is a member of the Writers Guild of America, East, and the Society of composers and lyricist. Michael also has 198 musical U.S. copyrights.

Recently, Michael finished his short animated musical comedy film, starring Jim Belushi and Tim Curry called “Once Upon a Christmas Village” which won the Grand Jury awards at the Festival De Cannes, France, South Africa, Florence, Boston, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Houston, Swansea, Wales, Washington, D.C., Hollyshorts, Action/Cut Competition, Garden State, Delray Beach, and First Glance Philly. He also won eleven Telly Awards, four Accolade Awards, six Aurora Awards, and seven Davey Awards. The film had qualified for the Academy Awards for Short Animated Film Category and has shattered the all-time festival award wins with 96 awards.

Currently, Michael has joined forces with The Jim Henson Company and is co-producing his original animated film “Snowyville” with Brian Henson.

Michael married Colleen in 1999 and they share two beautiful sons, as they reside in Florida and New Jersey.


Damon Williams

Board Member

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Damon is currently the Senior Web Developer at Neo-Pangea, a Reading-based company specializing in design and production. During his occupancy at Neo-Pangea, Damon has worked on a number of successful and award-winning digital promotions for several Fortune 100 brands across the globe, such as the National Geographic Channel, IKEA, Comcast, and Wal-Mart.

From 2001 to 2008, Damon was co-founder and developer for the East Coast graphic design firm Pagoda Media. While there, Damon bolstered his skill set along with a wide range of creative activities, including core website design and development and employing technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, ActionScript, PHP, and database programming. Damon also brings with him quite a bit of working and technical experience in SEO (search engine optimization) and internet marketing.

Having been involved with Haydenfilms since early 2004, Damon brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and passion for projects underwritten by Haydenfilms, as well as providing creative direction for technologies and social growth.

Mark Glackin

Board Member

Mark Glackin graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. A local resident from Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, Mark has always shown a passion for the arts. In addition to being an avid toy collector and oil painter, Mark is also a sports enthusiast, involving himself in the track and field athletics at Kutztown University. Mark has been actively involved with Haydenfilms Institute since September 2010 and was instrumental throughout the planning process of the Institute’s red carpet “Keys to Success” fundraiser gala.

A generous donation of 1,000 toys was given from his beloved collection to benefit the event. In addition, he helped launch the HFI Creative Alliance, a monthly gathering that gives creative minds and businesses the opportunity to meet, network, and discuss current or upcoming film projects. Mark adds a fresh perspective to the HFI team and desires to contribute in all possible ways with their future endeavors.