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Garlic Boy

  • Directed by Jin Choi
  • Produced by Marlene Sharp
  • Released: 2008
  • Language: English
  • Region: South Korea
  • Subtitled: No
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“Garlic Boy” is the story of Jimmy Clean, a neat freak who, after eating a radioactive garlic clove, gets transformed into the world's grossest superhero. With powers most 12 year old boys would only dream of - the ability to fart fire, breath strong enough to stun, supersnot, and an endless supply of sweat - our hero fights to protect the wholesome town of Tidyville from his nemesis, the eco-terrorist Landfill Larry. Along the way he must also contend with Professor Irrelevance, Landfill Larry's henchman; as well as his father, the Mayor of Tidyville, who constantly gets played as the villains unwitting dupe.