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  • Directed by Az alarabe Alaouilamharzi
  • Produced by Az alarabe Alaouilamharzi
  • Cast Members: Rawya Hrandi
  • Released: 2008
  • Region: Morocco
  • Subtitled: No

In an old country cottage in full mountain, Titrite paralyzed half, suffers silently following a car accident in which it lost her father. Titrite resulting from a mixed marriage, a father of Amazighe origin and Foreign, forsaken by the latter, it is only found with his/her Dihya grandmother who tries to support it in spite of her advanced age. Titrite badly supporting this forfeiture, this suffering and constantly ballotée between its nightmares and its daydreams, will end up meeting a beautiful knight who will appear in the image of his late father with which it will have courage to leave towards a soft death.