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Film Workshop — Powered by HFI

Making a Better Future Program: An Educational Improvement Organization Project

In partnership with HPL 501c3 Institute and students from the Entrepreneurship Club of Kutztown University, Haydenfilms Institute is holding a Film Workshop. High school students will have an opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs and business leaders in the community and learn about growing a business in today’s economy.  

As entrepreneurs and business leaders participate in a live panel discussion, students will listen to their needs.  Then they will learn from the high-powered experts at Haydenfilms Institute and will compose their very own storyboards, and scripts while becoming actors, film the action, and produce a short advertisement for a business. Students will also receive a comprehensive production binder of notes from the program, relevant articles, storyboards, filming techniques, and more.

As students learn in depth how participating business’ function and how they can become involved, they will build a vision for their future while developing friendships along the way. Through working with industry experts, students are expected to walk away with an entrepreneur mindset, and enhance team building skills while gaining confidence in all their present and future endeavors.

The final products will be presented in an online film festival on  Friends and family can vote on their favorite film throughout that time.


For complete details on the two-day film workshop, please review the program's application.

To all students, ages 14-18, that wish to get involved, please fill out our online application or print one and mail it to the address provided within and apply today!

Applications are due to HFI no later than MONDAY MARCH 31, 2014.
Submit your application online now.

To all interested companies that wish to get involved, please send your inquiry to