Get Involved

Without your continued support, HFI would not be possible. Whether it is through volunteering, donation, or corporate sponsorship for special events and programs, you can help HFI achieve its goal of empowering, educating and funding student and independent filmmakers.


Creative Alliance

The HFI Creative Alliance aims to create a place where great collaborations between filmmaking and the new media tools of tomorrow’s digital age can occur through a unique meeting of the minds. Participants can anticipate active sharing of ideas, brainstorming, and forming partnerships in a setting where established and aspiring filmmakers, artists, producers, educators and passionate people of the entertainment, arts, and technology industries come together. Creative Alliance meetings will center on how advanced education and networking in new media, animation, and game design can improve the quality of education, funding, and technology in our communities. HFI encourages innovative as well business-oriented minds to join forces at these meetings, whether those minds belong to an angel investor or a visionary high school comic artist. HFI simply ask participants to think big and have ambitious aspirations for their communities.

Join HFI on the third Tuesday of every month 6:00pm – 9:00pm at the TEK Park facility and help achieve the goal of creating innovative media projects with the multifaceted power of technology, creativity, and film.