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Without your continued support, HFI would not be possible. Whether it is through volunteering, donation, or corporate sponsorship for special events and programs, you can help HFI achieve its goal of empowering, educating and funding student and independent filmmakers.


Filmmaking Labs

The film industry is a highly competitive market that constantly evolves and grows. Haydenfilms Institute hopes to educate students in all areas of this dynamic industry with its new Filmmaking Labs. No previous experience is required. Participants will learn the various disciplines related to the craft of film, such as directing, cinematography, production design, editing and the theory and practice of acting. These sessions aim to strengthen participants’ skills as industry professionals and introduce them to the gripping world of cinema.

Screenwriting Labs

Designed for beginner screenwriters, HFI’s Screenwriting Lab offers an introduction to the art of film writing. During six intense weekly sessions, a professional screenwriter will deconstruct popular films to teach students the basic process of writing for the screen, then guide them through the steps of writing their own short screenplays. Students will participate in writing workshops in which they will practice writing outlines, treatments, and dialogue. At the concluding session, students will collaborate with professional actors and have the opportunity to see their dialogue and stories come to life.

Producer Labs

HFI’s Producer Labs serve the next generation of independent film producers with project-specific guidance from industry professionals in an in-depth, six-week session. The Producer Labs offer creative strategies and instruction designed to help participants mature their communicating and problem-solving skills at all stages of realizing a project, from choosing the most promising pitches, financing, hiring crew and actors, and developing marketing and distribution strategies. By the end of the lab, participants will have learned how to stand out in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace.

Director Labs

Aspiring directors are encouraged to participate in the HFI Director Labs, a six-week intensive program that introduces them to the energetic world of filmmaking. Participants will benefit from the support and expertise of an industry-experienced director as they discuss their projects’ visions, collaborate with other members of the production team, and learn how to construct a scene during the filming and editing process. In-house rehearsal of their scenes and constructive review and feedback will illuminate the process of making a film a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting programs!