Get Involved

Without your continued support, HFI would not be possible. Whether it is through volunteering, donation, or corporate sponsorship for special events and programs, you can help HFI achieve its goal of empowering, educating and funding student and independent filmmakers.


Corporate Giving

HFI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to enhancing the artistic vitality of global and independent filmmaking programming with the assistance of the corporate community. Corporate benefactors provide HFI with resources necessary to empower and educate our students through our programs. HFI invites you to connect your corporation with HFI’s esteemed mission.

Matching Gifts

Companies and organizations set aside special funds each year to match contributions their employees make to qualified nonprofit organizations like the Haydenfilms Institute. Usually, the companies match contributions dollar for dollar, but matches can vary. Check your company’s matching guidelines. Employer matching gifts increase the impact of your personal support and mean more resources for HFI programs.