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  • Amazon Studios Starts Online Production Company

Amazon Studios Starts Online Production Company

Amazon Studios Starts Online Production Company

Maker Shack Agency is a new series created by Electus Studios for young toddlers that has been greenlit and set to begin early 2014. The series will be viewable on making this the sixth original child program to have been pitched to and produced by the pioneering Amazon Studios. Launched mid 2012, Amazon Studios gives the opportunity for creative minds to pitch an idea for a children’s show, a sitcom, or even a feature length movie. Pitches can be in several forms, including pilot scripts, mini bibles, or even self-produced videos.

This is an exciting opportunity for those movie-maker hopefuls who don’t have any major studio connections such as indy filmmakers. These days, if one wanted to pitch an idea to a studio, they would be required to hire an agent or a manager to represent them. Why this roadblock was put in place is understandable when one considers the mass volume of scripts that are submitted every day.

However, Amazon Studios does not require an agent. They are simply looking for original ideas. Pitches that catch the Studios’ attention will be optioned for an 18 month period, during which Amazon will attempt to create the series. Amazon Studios has a first-look deal with Warner Bros. Pictures meaning the top optioned feature film scripts will be pitched to Warner Bros. for consideration to be a theatrical feature film. Amazon Studios may be the new wave of online movie making. There may be household names spawning from this branch of the film industry. Only time will tell.

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