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  • The DC Universe Comes to the Small Screen

The DC Universe Comes to the Small Screen

The DC Universe Comes to the Small Screen

The superhero movie genre has grown exponentially since 2008 and has all but dominated the title of summer blockbuster. On September 24th, Marvel went a step further and brought Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to TV on ABC. The show was received with overwhelming praise for its humor and creativity. Some speculate though whether this will last. The previous big superpower themed series, Heroes, started strong but over the seasons lost viewership and was cancelled after its fourth season.

This doubt, however, hasn’t stopped FOX from jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing the rights to “Gotham”, written by Bruno Heller, a series that follows Commissioner Gordon trying to keep the peace in the troubled city. According to ScreenRant, the series will delve into Gordon’s origins, meaning no Batman. But the Gotham PD will have to deal with the emerging unique villains of the DC Universe.

It has not been stated whether or not there are plans to have crossovers with the other existing DC series Arrow on the CW. It is certain that Gary Oldman won’t be reprising his role for this series since he would be too old for an origin story. It will be an experience to see a TV incarnation of Gotham.


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