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Creativity and Heart at Bucks Fever

Creativity and Heart at Bucks Fever
The lights dimmed in the County Theater of Doylestown, Pa. It was 7 p.m. on Oct. 13, 2013. It was the 13th annual Bucks Fever Film Festival and the seats were packed. As repeated over and over throughout the night, “this year, 13 becomes a lucky number”; lucky for the ones whose hard work was chosen.

Having attended several festivals before, I anticipated artsy films with sprinklings of humor. Bucks Fever turned out to be a breath of fresh air. The festival was a mixed bag of filmmaking levels. There were films from emerging artists, college kids and even high schoolers. It brings into perspective how far one has to go or has come in their lifetime when one sees a college short on the humors of love, Love’s a Drag, followed by an existential disjointed documentary on tourettes, A SynapTIC Adventure, directed by Steven Dijoseph, a man who grew up with the disease and turned it into a tool for music.

It came as a surprise when the animation category was announced. Hilarious shorts from the University of the Arts were screened; filled with dinosaur riding cowboys and talking hotdogs. A new category this year was the first ever Bucks Fever Screenwriting competition. Of all the submissions, five finalists were listed a week before and the winners were announced at the festival. Congratulations to all the dedicated writers.

After all the films had been screened and the awards had been given out, one last surprise awaited the audience. Ballots were handed out for the Viewer’s Choice Award. The winner: Cirino, a beautiful, heartfelt food film about an italian chef trying to recreate the dish of his childhood. The tone and story was reminiscent of Big Night, with an ending that brought a smile to the face and growl to the stomach.

Having attended several film fests in the pasts, I found this one to be surprisingly welcoming. It gave a sense small town charm while at the same time an air of professionalism. This festival is definitely worth another visit. To learn more about the Bucks Fever Film Festival, visit their site.

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