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Al Jazeera America gets Picked Up

Al Jazeera America gets Picked Up

According to Variety, a deal has just been struck between Time Warner Cable and Al Jazeera America. Al Jazeera America is a cable news source, backed by the Qatar government, that launched back in August. Since its launch, the show has slowly gained notoriety and recognition for their mission to deliver “unbiased, fact-based, and in-depth journalism.”

TWC will release Al Jazeera America to subscribers in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Dallas and then spread from there. Details of the collaboration have not yet been disclosed but Al Jazeera America says that the deal will increase their viewership up to 55 million. TWC has taken a great leap of faith to bring a different news source to play against the big stations today: FOX, MSNBC, CNN etc. Hopefully, Al Jazeera America will be able to stick to their mission and bring some fresh perspective to the news.

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