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New Spin on a Horror Classic

Many times Hollywood digs into it’s past and brings back a reboot of a classic film. From Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to Last House on the Left, and even The Amityville Horror, scary movies have been first on the popularity list for recreations. Skeptics fear filmmakers are falling short on original ideas, but more positive camps vouch that directors are simply looking for a new approach on an old theme.  The latter of the two is the case with the upcoming October 18th release of Carrie; the remake of the 1976 movie, based on the acclaimed Stephen King novel, both of the same title. Director Kimberly Pierce wanted to be more loyal to the book with this flick than the original had.

One thing Pierce is adamant about with this remake is for it be full of action and for Carrie to be a little less clueless. This time around, Carrie is more aware of her powers which makes her even stronger when she’s angry. The film delves deeper into Carrie discovering these powers and reveling in them. These small details are more in line with the book than the first. But more importantly, Pierce had to remember that Carrie already has a well established fan base who are hoping to see the better of this classic. Scenes she couldn’t forgo were the epic tampon shower moment, the “they’re all going to laugh at you” line, and the drenching of pig’s blood at prom. 

Most recently, Carrie’s marketing company released a Carrie coffee shop prank promotional video. A girl shows her fake telekinetic abilities scaring the heck out of customers at the shop. Their faces were priceless and has brought a lot more attention to the film. 

Having had a release date for March 2013, Carrie was pushed back to October. The reason for this according to titular star, Chloe Grace Moretz in an interview at Fangoria, was to add more scenes between her and Carrie’s mother, played by Julianne Moore, that would make the movie even deeper. Typically, reshoots can foreshadow disaster for a film, but in this case it hopefully makes the movie all the more better. 

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  1. Imad Taylor:
    Nov 07, 2013 at 01:20 PM

    I like the fact that they are remaking old scary movies. I love the stories behind the old films, but they are just aren't as scary because of the lack of technology they had back in the day, so everything looks and seems so cheesy. But by remaking it, it will make it more realistic to our day and age, and not only have a great story, but be very scare with our new technology such as CGI


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