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Fan Entitlement Syndrome

Fan Entitlement Syndrome

Just a few months ago, Ben Affleck was cast as Batman for the new upcoming Batman vs. Superman. While there’s bound to be a few naysayers with regard to casting, some Batfans took it upon themselves to cause an uproar against this call. What ensued is something now known as “Fan Entitlement Syndrome”, where fans decide that their opinion alone is all that matters when casting roles. It’s quite disconcerting that entitled fans think they have the right to control the film industry. Creating a government petition called “We the People”, Batman lovers hoped to steer Warner Bros. in a new direction. To them, Ben Affleck wasn’t good enough to play Batman. But, had they forgotten that Michael Keaton had originally been taunted about his role as Bruce Wayne? In the end, he did a phenomenal job. Maybe sometimes, fans get too wrapped up in their obsession to step back and remember, a lot more goes into a film that it’s lead actor. So, what does this mean for future films?

Most recently, Charlie Hunnam had backed out of his role as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. With the open spot on the line, fans petitioned to have Matt Bomer of White Collar fill Grey’s shoes. However, the decision ultimately led to Jamie Dornan. While lots of fans suffice that Dornan is attractive enough (in their eyes) to play this role, others are adamant that Bomer would have done a better job. Again, a petition was created and signed by 89,391 people stating they wanted Bomer as Grey. Some wonder if these 90,000 people will refuse to watch the film due to their dislike of cast choice. Chances are, they’ll still be watching. What’s the point in arguing then? Hollywood execs only see their outcries as free marketing and publicity. Moving forward, it’s probably in their best interest to wait until the film premiers to decide whether or not aforementioned actor/actress is worthy of their criticisms. Who knows, Ben Affleck and Jamie Dornan might turn out to be the best leading roles yet. 

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  1. Imad Taylor:
    Nov 07, 2013 at 01:07 PM

    I feel as if "Fan Entitlement Syndrome", is an ongoing problem that gets worst year after year. In movies such as Batman and 50 Shades of Grey, their were trends on how awful the actors for both movies. I feel as if it isn't right for an actor to be prejudged on their previous movies and ridiculed if people do not get what they want. I feel people should only state their opinion off what they actually see rather than what they think they will see


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