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Banned Chinese Film gets Release Date

Banned Chinese Film gets Release Date

Chinese director Ning Hao wrapped his new film noir in 2010 titled No Man’s Land. It was banned for three years, but will receive a December release this year in China and certain other Asian territories.

The film takes place in the Xinjiang Province of China, following a lawyer traversing the Gobi Desert and running into some very dangerous people.  A somewhat simple setup, the movie was ready to premiere at Cannes in 2010. However, According to Variety, the film was banned from release by the Film Bureau. No reason for the ban has been given.

Also according to Variety, through the 1990’s and early 2000’s China had a strict censorship policy, forcing Chinese filmmakers to work off the grid or even go overseas, to the US or Australia, to create the films they wanted. Since China has no movie rating system, all films have to be examined by a censorship board so the films will be proper for all ages. Unfortunately, the board is a government function and therefore a lot of material was considered controversial including violent ghosts, time travel or the Cold War. Many directors were outright banned from filming in China. However, China has recently experienced a box office boom, prompting more leniency with authorities and bringing more inspired work to the major productions. Although the revenue isn’t reaching Hollywood levels, there is a definite rise in attendance and foreign films. More American films are finding themselves into Chinese theaters. Among them was an unedited V for Vendetta in 2012, a highly controversial film for the Chinese government due to its unfavorable depictions of government and calls to revolution.

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