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They Could Go All the Way!

They Could Go All the Way!

Netflix has made major headway into today’s media. People flocked to subscribe to the unlimited movies and television service. This year, audiences and critics applauded Netflix’s new original series, including “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”. Finally, earlier this week, everyone gasped at the announcement of Netflix’s next move: movie premieres.

According to online digital media news site All Things D, Netflix content boss Ted Sarandos asked, “[W]hy not premiere movies on Netflix, the same day they’re opening in theaters?...Why not big movies? Why not follow the consumers’ desire to watch things when they want?” This means that Netflix could be bringing the next Hobbit to your home on opening night. But there’s also a chance the company could start making their own original films to distribute.

With the company’s success and popularity, it is possible that this could be the birth of a new powerhouse production company. It is still unclear how Netflix would gain the rights to premiere blockbusters in homes since so many films rely on the box office system. It feels like this idea is still being kicked around but it could easily sprout into something revolutionary.

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