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Google Glass: Glasses of the Future

Google Glass: Glasses of the Future

Google recently announced that they’re expanding their Google Glass program, allowing the initial 10,000 testers to invite three friends to also try out the new wireless-connected glasses. So, what exactly is Google Glass? They’re $1,500 glasses that allow wearers to snap photos, take videos, and send e-mails hands free, all through the use of voice. It’s quite the technological advancement for tech savvy users. However, there’s problems that have arose from this new product; the dilemma of privacy and piracy.

Movie theaters, adult entertainment venues, and casino owners are already in talks for addressing policies that will monitor the use of these gadgets in their businesses. With the slick and easy access to capturing photos and videos, it will become harder to know when a person is illegally recording something. Opportunities for piracy will grow and windows of privacy will diminish. Real life almost becomes a motion picture, where everyone is an actor because at all moments, there will be chances for unknown filming to take place. This could change the film industry forever if filmmakers started using Google Glass to make documentaries. For now, the glasses are just a huge technological advancement, still out of reach for most consumers. But moving forward, Google Glass could be the best (and possibly worst) thing to hit not only the digital world, but the entertainment as well.

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