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Such A Long Journey

Such A Long Journey

It has been announced that Wonder Woman will be starring in the next Man of Steel movie. The Amazon warrior will be played by Fast and Furious star Gal Gadot alongside Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman). 

While Marvel Studios was making leaps and bounds with their Avengers series, DC Studios was struggling to get in the game. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is still highly regarded, but aside from than that, it’s been flop after flop after flop. In response, DC has built up their answer to the Avengers: The Justice League. Of all the DC characters, three are regarded as the pillars of the League: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Being such a paramount character to the series, one must wonder why the chick who kicks ass has taken this long to make an appearance. The main problem: her marketability. Wonder Woman has existed around the same length as the other two pillars but she has had the hardest time getting off the pages. As early as the 60’s there have been attempts to start a TV series but each has failed to get off the ground. This changed in 1974 when a TV movie titled Wonder Woman was made for ABC. While reception was positive, it wasn’t enough to garner a series. This, though, inspired another series, also titled Wonder Woman, that would be set in the 40’s. The show ran for three seasons but was ultimately dropped due to the lack of villains other than nazis and the desire to promote The Incredible Hulk

Wonder Woman would drop from the limelight until 2011 when one last attempt was made at a series. Once again titled Wonder Woman, the pilot was produced for NBC and was set to take place in modern day. Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana Themyscira (Adrianne Palicki), was to be a successful corporate executive as well as a vigilante in L.A., trying to keep her life balanced. Everything about the pilot was criticized, from the story to the superhero costume. The show was never picked up.

Throughout the decades of failed attempts, it seems a lack of balance has always been the issue. With the rise of superhero movies, there have been plenty of attempts to give Wonder Woman her chance but, most likely due to her history, that has not happened. Being in the next Man of Steel may be the right back door route she needs to finally get off the ground.

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