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The Slate

Prank Marketing 101

AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, returns Sunday February 9th, for the second half of its fourth season and fans are pumped. But they could always be more pumped. How does one market an already popular show? If you’re on the right channel, you’ll find commercials everywhere. But how can the message be relayed without it feeling mundane? Enter viral marketing (or prank marketing in this case).

Those nutjobs at AMC decided it was a good idea to dress up a group of actors in full zombie makeup and hide them under a grate in New York City. Any unsuspecting pedestrian that “walked” by would be greeted by moans, groans and rotting hands grabbing their feet. See the video here, the video is titled “Walkers Lurk Below the Streets of NYC.” Sure, it seems cruel, but it gets more attention than a billboard or a trailer.

Real life marketing is a creative and interactive market that in the right hands can get anything noticed. I’m a just a little disappointed Breaking Bad didn’t get into it. How funny would it have been if people woke up to find blue meth on their doorsteps and pizzas on their roofs?

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