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Robin Hood Returns

Robin Hood Returns

The English folktale has been brought to the big and small screen in dozens of ways. From the black and white drama (The Adventures of Robin Hood), to the animated musical (Robin Hood), the champion of the poor seems to be a timeless classic. (Personal favorite: Cary Ewles in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.)

But according to ScreenRant, the next incarnation will come from BBC America whose writers have announced that this Robin, as written by Dracula creator Cole Haddon, is not the same. Titled “Nottingham”, the TV series has the classic villain, the sheriff of Nottingham, as Robin. After his wife is killed by the men of King John, the sheriff is outraged that they are not punished. In the pursuit of justice and revenge, the sheriff dons a hood, going by Robin Hood, and steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

The premise may sound familiar. A rich high class man has family torn away from him. He plays the rich guy by day, vigilante by night. But this also opens up the possibility for medieval espionage. No longer hiding in the woods, Robin can stroll into John’s castle and eavesdrop upon his next sinister plan. Whichever direction they decide to take the show, the premise certainly has that comic book feel that everyone is craving these days. Here’s hoping a simple twist will bring something refreshing to a story everyone knows.

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