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Disney Goes Streaming

Disney Goes Streaming

Streaming is considered by many to be the way of the future. Started by Netflix, several joined up with their own services, including iTunes and Amazon. The next big name that will be added to that list will be Disney. According to Variety, Disney launched their program Disney Movies Anywhere on Tuesday, February 25, with an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The service is cloud-based and can also be accessed through Apple TV. Unlike Netflix or other streaming providers, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) only provides instant streaming for movies from Disney, Pixar and Marvel, which, while limited, lists about 420 films.

Up to this point, Disney has been holding out on the streaming business. They, and Apple, were the most prominent companies not to participate in the UltraViolet campaign. For the past three years, if you bought a DVD of a non-Disney movie, you would also get a Blu-ray and UltraViolet copy. UltraViolet was not another HD DVD, but a code that when entered online would allow buyers to watch the movie from anywhere without the DVD. Rather than a monthly fee, you’d pay once and could watch anywhere.

To promote DMA, Disney is offering a free digital copy of their Holiday hit Frozen, three weeks before it’s DVD release. DMA works through iTunes and users who link their DMA account with their iTunes account will receive a free copy of The Incredibles.

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