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First Day In Tribeca

First Day In Tribeca

I looked at my phone as I dragged my 20 pound bag of clothes, books and camera equipment into my hotel room and realized I only had 3 hours left of Thursday to begin exploring the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Also in my hand was a ten foot XLR and microphone needed for the next five days which might have looked ridiculous carrying all the way across Manhattan. With a little jerry-rigging I connected them all in my backpack, hiding the recorder in the MP3 player pocket. Now I’m a guy carrying a microphone with a wire that looks like it connects to spine. Perfect!

I rode the subway down to the Tribeca Press Lounge, a quiet, nice room lined with comfy couches, free soda, wi-fi and snacks. I officially checked in and received my Chambers Press Pass, a little booklet guide to the festival, and then proceeded to plan out what was left of my Thursday. I knew that the best I could do was a red carpet event for a movie I was planning to see later, Manos Sucias. I also knew Spike Lee was supposed to be there. 

Running to the theatre, I stopped at a diner, and got a New York Philly Cheesesteak. Of course, people were lined up for tickets to the festival, but I had no problems with my press badge and I got ahead all of them. Making my way to the third floor, I found the red carpet walled by the Tribeca logo wall. Fellow press photographers and videographers eagerly milled around. I found a representative who kindly told me my red carpet event isn’t starting yet, as another was just beginning. Cast and crew past the press, posing for pictures, but the video cameras were aimed at the surprise guest: Mark Ruffalo! This wasn’t the event I RSVP’d to so I wasn’t allowed to talk to him, but he did wave back to me. Not so bad for the first three hours of my festival experience.

Finally, I was herded with the other press into the pen and could see Lee amongst his cast and crew. I snapped as many pictures as I could and before I knew it, it was over. Though I missed the chance to speak to him, I talked to the representative again and she explained to me where I should have stood. 

Well, now I know. 

And so ended my first day in Tribeca. Friday, I begin my screenings and I’ll be able to properly interview at the next red carpet. For now, enjoy this picture.

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