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Second Day in Tribeca

Second Day in Tribeca

I awoke early knowing it was going to be a somewhat lax day. I had pre-scheduled my entire trip with three screenings lined up for the day. While it sounds organized, my email is flooded almost hourly with press updates, cancellations, opportunities and personal invites to premieres or red carpets. I am constantly trying to keep up to the minute updates and have had to reschedule a few times. However, today is or should be simple.

Day two of the Tribeca Film Festival begins with pancakes. After which, I don my microphone/backpack hybrid, just in case I run into someone, and catch the early commute to the festival. Having scouted the locations yesterday, I easily made my way to the press lounge and proceeded to re-re-reschedule my weekend. Flashing my badge to everyone who dared to look in my general direction, I quickly ran to the theater. An attendant scanned me in and I promptly received another email thanking me for watching this particular movie.

So, today I watched The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, Manos Sucias, and a variety of short films collectively called City Limits. All of which I cannot review since they haven’t been released to the public yet.

Though I anxiously await the opportunity to release the reviews, tomorrow will be a bit more eventful. On top of the screenings, I will be sitting in on a editing class with Thelma Schoonmaker, Scorsese's editor. And I’ll attend my first film after party.

Behold the Mic-Pack:

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