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Third Day in Tribeca

Third Day in Tribeca

I waited in line to get into the Thelma Schoonmaker talk for an hour and just barely didn’t get in. As disappointing as this was, I now know the proper time and place to be for the Aaron Sorkin talk this Monday. So, hopefully it will go better. 

Instead, my third day at the Tribeca Film Festival was all about innovation. This year’s Tribeca slogan is “The New Rules of Film”, so, I thought I should see what that’s about. Throughout my time here, staff again and again suggested I check out the Tribeca website. I thought, “why? I’m here to see films and panels and red carpets. What’s online that I can’t see here?” 

Well, with my afternoon open and no more press screenings I could attend, I decided to finally go online and found Tribeca’s online festival. This was “The New Rules of Film” everyone was talking about. The instant gratification of the internet. Similar to Haydenfilms Online Festival, Tribeca has many of their films available for viewing online. While very modern, it is also password protected and limited to certain films. But what really struck me was the Tribeca Six Second Film Competition. Filled with Vine videos that manage to tell interesting stories in, yes, six seconds. With entries in drama, comedy and animation the creativity is astounding. Tribeca understands the direction in which media is going and how it’s changing the playing field.

For all those interested, follow the link and check them out. Until tomorrow.

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