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Fifth Day in Tribeca

Fifth Day in Tribeca

“This was my final day at the Tribeca Film Festival,” was my first thought. I write this in the dark of night inside a bus careening back to Pa. And as I reflected on my journey, I realized I had spent my time here absorbing what I could, appreciating others works and praying it wouldn’t rain since I didn’t bring my umbrella (it never did). 

The final day was the hottest of all here and I was sweating lugging my mic-pack around the city. The last two films I saw were Black Coal, Thin Ice, a neo-noir set in China, and Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary, a documentary about the beautiful history of LEGOs. Both great films, which I will review, but what I was really eager for was the “Talk with Aaron Sorkin”. Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network) is a widely respected screenwriter, known for his long-winded romanticized speeches. In fact his name has been made into an adjective: Sorkin-esque.

I managed to get into the theater and see the whole show. He sat on stage with Jon Favreau, former speechwriter for President Obama. Together they touched upon the impact of cynicism on media, the modern love for the anti-hero, and binge watching. Sorkin himself is a binge-watcher and feels it’s a great tool for television. He didn’t believe having the ability to watch multiple episodes back to back would have any notable influence on writing. There was only time for a few questions from the audience, but as a fellow writer one answer rang true: When you want to get into writing, don’t try to write what’s trendy. Write what you like, what your friend’s would like, what your dad would like. You’d be surprised what a world of difference it will make.

The bus is pulling up to my stop soon. My journey through New York is over. I hope to go again next year, maybe even as a director.

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