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Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover

Technology is dramatically impacting the restaurant business...

It’s no surprise that technology has had a huge impact on society over the past five years and the restaurant industry is no exception. From ordering on a smartphone to ordering online, technology has touched the experience of both the customers and restaurant owners. 

Mobile transactions are expected to top $142 billion in 2017 according to a report from Forrester Research. Recent data from the National Restaurant Association suggests that consumers who place orders online are also more loyal to the brand. Since most consumers use their phone for personal engagement, using an app gives them a more personal approach. Being able to add their own touches to their order or being able to send group orders has been very successful. Businesses such as Taco Bell have noticed a 30% order increase on their app alone. Making an app that is easy to navigate proves to be an advantage for a restaurant's business. While ordering through an app causes fewer walk-ins and dine-ins, it provides more app users. Customers love being able to easily order at their convenience and if the restaurant does it right, it causes bigger customer loyalty.  

Technology even gives the benefit of employee productivity. One of the benefits of consumer self-ordering by kiosk or mobile device is the ability to optimize labor costs. According to Advanced Hospitality by streamlining the ordering process, more focus can be given to kitchen production or serving guests. Giving customers the power to choose how they interact with employees also gives your team more flexibility to increase their face time with guests. Being able to personally engage with guests is a one step closer to a more profitable business. Knowing which technology incentives are working is a huge benefit for improving overall restaurant service and gathering useful data.

While incorporating technology into a restaurant business can be intimidating, in today’s society it’s difficult to prosper without it. Having a technology customer engagement plan is a sure way to build a recipe for success.

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