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Indy Comic Creators Unite!

A look at the Indy Comic world...

Breaking into any entertainment industry take a lot of hard work and dedication. None probably is as hard as the comic book industry. With the constant arguments over artist ownership rights and the great staples of Marvel and DC already at the top, one can hope to make some kind of impact.

But these days that dream is much more realistic with the advent of online viewership. Independent comics like Neil D’Monte and Neo Edmund’s Clan of the Vein are getting widespread recognition with a feature deal on MTV’s Teen Wolf and their very own booth at San Diego Comic-con. In their dark tale, we follow an ancient techno vampire/vampire hunter as he struggles to stay undead/alive. 

Even more inspiring is Antonio Ramirez, creator of Invictus, a harrowing journey about finding your own destiny and learning who you are. Antonio has taken his project to the next level by starting his very own Cupid Comics. Their readers can check his comics as well as the trailer he put together just for the series.

Probably the most innovative have to Jon Simon’s Templar which employs its very free app for the reader to use on their mobile devices. Hoping to grab the attention of online readers everywhere, Jon’s app allows users to see the progress of each chapter as it’s being sketched, colored, and lettered.

All these comic book creators bring their own unique take to the industry, but they’re all working together to find their audience and have their stories heard.

See the above interview or follow the links to learn more about the comics and their creators.

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