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  • The Allience has gone Beyond and done Comic Con 2016 “Justice”!

The Allience has gone Beyond and done Comic Con 2016 “Justice”!

The Allience has gone Beyond and done Comic Con 2016 “Justice”!

Haydenfilms Institute, in proud partnership with The Allience, is excited to present our most recent journey to the world of the San Diego Comic-Con. For the 2016 installment of the annual phenomena, our team was on hand to witness some of the wildest, hottest, and most out-of-this-world pop culture trends exploding in television, movies, comic books, and technology today!

Since the event’s opening day on July 20, our team absorbed every inch of the San Diego Convention Center, from the wide variety of art-based booths and educational workshops to the creative and colorful cosplays, down to the celebrity-hosted big premier trailer debuts. 

Among the many artistry booths that stood out for us belonged to actor and acclaimed graphic novel artist, Neil D’Monte, as he promoted his comic book company Cupid Comics and especially his newest illustrated work, Invictus. In addition to D’Monte, other legendary artists such as DC Comic’s Alex Ross Berkeley Breathed of Bloom County fame, and Jem and My Little Pony artist Sara Richard were at hand to sign autographs and satisfy the curiosities of the countless comic book fans at this year’s Comic-Con.

Our team next took to the world of toys. The Hasbrotoyshop booth presented its newest line of Marvel Comics-based action figures, while the Star Wars franchise displayed its miniature replicas of notable vehicles from The Force Awakens! The popular Funko Pop toy booth was also there with their hosts to present and sell vinyl figures and minis of contemporary pop culture figures.

A trip to Comic Con would not be complete without encountering the unique and fascinating world of cosplays! We’ve met a dazzling array of amazing cosplay participants, ranging from Star Wars fanatic to the downright wacky (one such cosplay enthusiast came dressed as a combination of Thor and Ronald McDonald, armed with a mystical hammer and a side of magical fries!). 

Rounding up the excitement of the annual event are both the television and film showcases. Firstly, major TV programs such as Fear the Walking Dead, Con Man, Teen Wolf, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 took to the convention’s halls and shed light on significant developments and news about their respective programs, much to the delight of their legions of fans.

When it came to movies, our team was up close and personal to get the inside scoop! We were among the lucky fans who were treated to the world premiere of trailers from some of the biggest movies coming soon, including Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, and Justice League

We were beyond thrilled to be in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con. There is no doubt in our collective minds that our team of intrepid pop culture connoisseurs will be ready, willing, and able to partake in the next event come 2017!


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