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  • What We’ve Done and Where We’re Going

What We’ve Done and Where We’re Going

Always remember, your focus determines your reality. — George Lucas

While this past year has been quite unusual, Haydenfilms has been able to learn and prosper in many ways through hard work and determination. Despite everything that happened in 2020, we’ve been fortunate enough to take part in many projects that have allowed our agency to thrive during unprecedented times. In this piece, we will be discussing multiple projects and events that we’ve taken part in, different digital marketing techniques, our Haydenfilms 1.0 Screenwriting Competition, and where we’re heading as we take on the new year! To start, let’s take a glimpse into the past projects we’ve taken part in within the past year. In January of 2020, Haydenfilms ventured down to Orlando, where we were privileged to attend the NFL Pro Bowl. During this event, we were able to interview the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees, and Head Coach and Executive Vice President of the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League, Pete Carol. We even had the opportunity to referee several flag football games! Being able to attend the Wounded Warrior event was a highlight of our trip. Being in the presence of both past and present NFL players AND the Wounded Warriors was an honor for the Haydenfilms Institute. We admire organizations that stand by great causes, which leads us into some of the projects we’ve been working on. 

Our Latest Projects 

This past year we had the pleasure of getting connected to the Stavola family, who founded the Tigger House Foundation, which is based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. This connection was formed with the help of Eric Vollweiler from the Vollweiler Agency and Barton Henderson, co-founder of Henderson Promos. Since forming this connection, we have had the pleasure to work alongside the Tigger House Foundation’s amazing team. We’ve designed their website, continue to work on their social media platforms, and even traveled to Red Bank to shoot some promotional footage. We look forward to continuing to work with the organization by bringing its mission to life and carrying on Tigger’s legacy. If you’d like to learn more about the organization or see how you can help by making a donation, you can visit their website at  

We have taken part in working with different industries and organizations, which has ultimately helped us become experts in many different industries. We’ve surely kept busy and continue to evolve as we grow alongside all of our clients. From telemarketing, shooting commercials and promotional videos, building websites, writing blogs, and managing all social media and IMC activities, we’ve shown how HFI is a small but mighty agency. With our amazing hybrid team of scholars, professionals, and students, we’re able to bring in our mix of ideas to ensure our clients' successes. If you’re looking to work with us to grow your company or organization in any way, you can connect with us by reaching out to us on any of our social media platforms. 

What’s in Store for 2021?

So where are we heading as we proceed into this new year? Although HFI works hard to satisfy both our community and our clients' needs in a multitude of ways, we also have a lot going on behind the scenes! We have picked back up on our Haydenfilms Minutes videos, which is our YouTube news series. In these videos, our news anchors cover topics such as the latest digital marketing trends, new movies, and TV shows, technological advancements, and much more. These videos are intended to educate our audience while also showing our expertise in a variety of fields through our advanced research skills. Not only do we have our Haydenfilms Minutes videos, but you can also check out our Haydenfilms Verge episodes, where we conduct podcasts with individuals from a range of different backgrounds. Our Haydenfilms Verge episodes depict not only our ability to produce Netflix quality content but also help us carry on our mission to educate and empower future leaders. 

Something else we’ve started back up is our TikTok account! With TikTok being such a great tool to reach our target audience, we have started our series where we go through AFI’s Top 100 Movies of all Time! These short videos contain facts about each movie as we progress down the list, all while delivering them by using the latest platform trends. Follow us on TikTok by clicking here.

Something we’ve always done here at HFI is being ahead of the curve when it comes to the digital realm. Experts predict that digital marketing and online brand enhancement are expected to scale even higher than it is now, as time goes on. We know how important it is to break through the clutter and to know how to tactically reach the intended audience of any client or organization we work with. By keeping up with all of the latest trends and digital marketing techniques, we have been able to grow so much not only as a team but alongside our clients as well. We look forward to continuing down the path of infinite learning! 

$10,000 Haydenfilms 1.0 Screenwriting Competition

Moving onto something else that we have coming up is our Haydenfilms 1.0 Screenwriting Competition where the winner will win $10,000! We have been holding film festivals since 2001 and each winner has taken home $10,000. Our previous winners have moved on to greater heights, bringing their talents to the next level. This competition stands behind our mission to empower the world's future screenwriters by helping screenwriters get their ideas out into the universe. The winner will not only win the grand prize, but they’ll also have the potential to meet with producers and directors that could make their vision come to life. We were one of the world’s first online film festivals, and we remain dedicated to finding screenwriters who have a passion to bring their ideas to life, just like us! If you’re interested in submitting your screenplay, you can click here: All submissions are due by August 27th, 2021. Be sure to get your work out there! 

Top Secret Project Coming Soon

Something else that you’ll have to stay tuned for is our secret tech project that we’re working on with our expert team. This project ties in with continuing our goal to create custom brand solutions. Here’s some sneak peek information about our upcoming creation: We’re working with a professor, a group of expert computer science students, and of course, our own HFI team. You can stay tuned by following our social media platforms, which are at the bottom of our site! It’s clear we have a lot going on here at Haydenfilms Institute, and that’s how we like it. To remain in the loop, you can find us on every mainstream platform. 

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