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New Spin on a Horror Classic

Many times Hollywood digs into it’s past and brings back a reboot of a classic film. From Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to Last House on the Left, and even The Amityville Horror, scary movies have been first on the popularity list for recreations. Skeptics fear filmmakers are falling short on original ideas, but more positive camps vouch that directors are simply looking for a new approach on an old theme.…

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Taking Gravity To New Technological Dimensions

On October 4th, US audiences are going to be introduced to Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón's new space film Gravity. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, this film enters into the scary reality that one venturing into space can end up being alone and trapped. In addition to Bullock’s performance of a harrowing experience, the movie divulges best what life in space is like. Cuarón partnered again…

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