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George Lucas Comments on the Progression of Digital Technology

At the 2012 Global Conference in LA, George Lucas discussed his recent film Red Tails, which illustrates the adversity African Americans faced during WWII. Red Tails is an inspirational tale that showcases how African Americans overcame incredulous obstacles and ended up becoming some of the most successful pilots during WWII. George Lucas had been persistently working on this project 23 years and…

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THX 1138 A Stunning Visual Display, Despite Flaws

George Lucas's absorbing visual mastery takes a harsh look at consumption and regulation. Clothed in institutional white uniforms and with depersonalized ciphers for names, catatonic citizens march about sterile hallways and malls and confess to a computerized messiah. Sedatives control and curtail the emotions and desires of the populace, while vapid yet cheerful messages promoting the benefits of…

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